Looking into the chance of Chicago Bears extension candidates to sign this offseason 

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After a player's third NFL season, he becomes eligible to start to talk extensions. So, needless to say, finishing that third NFL is quite big for some players. The Chicago Bears 2021 draft class will be remembered as the last class by General Manager Ryan Pace

As we take a look back on that class, it is worth wondering which of these players may get an extension and what type of contract they will be offered if one comes this offseason. 

Round 1: Justin Fields

Did you know that Justin Fields could be up for an extension? It has only been the talk of Chicago for months. With the team carrying the first overall pick, this discussion is so much different than if they just had their ninth overall pick and needed a huge trade to move on from Fields. Now, it is much easier. 

It appears as though Justin Fields will have some clarity on his future soon, but it will not be right now. Still, the team trading for him will be incentivized to talk contract. If they are going to trade anything of substance, they would probably pick up the fifth-year option or risk losing him after just one season. 

With that option picked up, the team will have time to talk extension. However, the most likely path is to see the option picked up, watch Fields play, and then either have him play out the option year or extend him while he is on the fifth-year option.