Looking into the chance of Chicago Bears extension candidates to sign this offseason 

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Round 2: Teven Jenkins 

Teven Jenkins will be an interesting discussion for the Chicago Bears this offseason. When he plays, he is worthy of an extension immediately. However, he has simply not played enough or played at a position long enough to warrant this discussion. 

As a rookie, Jenkins mised the started of the year with a back issue. He came back, but only played 160 snaps, all of them coming at left tackle. Then, a new regime came in, and they moved him to right guard. The team did not start him out of the gates, and he had to earn the job. Then, he missed four more games due to injury. 

In 2023, he played his best. This time he settled in at left guard for 455 snaps, but he also played 276 snaps at right guard. Still, he once again missed time in two separate occasions due to two separate injuries. Some of this is hard to control. Still, in three years, he has played three different positions and has missed time each year with a different ailment. The Chicago Bears have to wait until after this season to decide what to do with Teven Jenkins, even that means letting walk via free agency next year.