5 lost causes on the Chicago Bears roster right now

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Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs, Justin Fields
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3. Justin Fields is not the answer for the Chicago Bears

This season was make-or-break for Justin Fields. It is easy to say that Luke Getsy is once again limiting Fields by forcing him to do what he is not good at. Also, the additions Ryan Poles made have hardly come through. At the same time, Fields has not gotten better.

Anytime D.J. Moore gets a chance, he makes a play, and Darnell Wright is better than any Bears lineman last year. It is not great, but it is better. Beyond that, Getsy cannot just call the run and around and make a play call, it is not really in the sheet like that.

So, the reality is that everything is coming together for a bad team. Justin Fields has time to start the rest of the season. The Chicago Bears will not turn to Nate Peterman, and Tyson Bagent is still deemed too raw as a project player. There are things Fields can show to himself, the Bears, and the rest of the NFL.

At the same time, there is so much hope and not enough realistic ability when projecting this growth for Justin Fields. This will be his last season with the Chicago Bears.