3 lost causes for the Chicago Bears for the second half of 2023

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Sitting at 2-7, it is hard to find all that much to get excited about for the Chicago Bears. Still, there is always player development and growth potential coming, and it will always keep fans watching. However, some situations may be lost causes, and fans should turn their attention to other places. What are they?

3. The Chicago Bears offensive line will not get an invasion of youth

Earlier this week, we talked about the possibility of the Chicago Bears getting younger on their offensive line. One was going to come naturally with Braxton Jones, who started over Larry Borom. Jones missed some snaps against New Orleans as he was eased into action, but it was an obvious upgrade for the Bears.

Still, beyond that, there was a thought that the Bears could try some other things out along the line. They had Doug Kramer come off of the IR, and the team has played Ja'Tyre Carter at both guard spots this season. The Bears would be starting a bunch of day three picks in their second season, but it would at least give the team some clarity on how good they could be. Even if Kramer and Carter were bad, the worst that happens is the Bears lose. At 2-7, that is going to happen regardless, it appears.

Still, when the Chicago Bears waived Doug Kramer, it was clear that the chances of him playing anytime soon were gone. Dan Feeney could bring some relief, but he is more known as a veteran who has had plenty of chances. The Chicago Bears should have been trying to get guys who have not been given a chance a little work. Carter has had time to play, but there are signs of talent and a need to see more. The Bears would rather play Cody Whitehair.

Nate Davis will be back in a week or two, and the question will shift to whether they really ask Teven Jenkins to move again after three awesome games at right guard.