10 major questions emerging from Chicago Bears loss to LA Chargers

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The Chicago Bears were shot right back down to reality after a fun win against the Las Vegas Raiders. While that was fun, the loss to the Los Angeles Chargers just brings more questions. What do Chicago Bears fans need to know after a drubbing like that?

10. Did we see the limits of Chicago Bears QB Tyson Bagent?

Tyson Bagent was not the reason the Chicago Bears lost on Sunday. At the same time, Tyson Bagent was the reason the team had very little chance of staking any sort of comeback once the Bears got down by two scores. He gets the ball out quickly, and that makes fans excited. However, he also is prone to check the ball down, and he does not have the arm to push the football down the field.

Bagent has thrown 77.6% of his passes within 10 yards of the line. For comparison, Justin Fields only threw 61.2% of his passes that short. Fields had 12.8 yards per attempt, with six touchdowns and no interceptions on passes twenty yards down the field. He threw 16% of his attempts that deep. For Bagent, it is 7.5%; he averages 10.8 yards per attempt, and he has one pick and no touchdowns. Velus Jones dropped a touchdown, but he underthrew it. He also was bailed out by a great Darnell Mooney catch to start the game. Bagent can manage games, and with a lead, he can get the chains moving. However, when he is trailing and has to make plays, his limitations become glaring.