10 major questions emerging from Chicago Bears loss to LA Chargers

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears, Tremaine Edmunds
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3. Could the Chicago Bears end up better without Tremaine Edmunds?

Tremaine Edmunds left the game against the Chargers with a knee injury. He tried to come back and left again, a sign that it may not be a short return to the lineup. It was a valiant effort to return, and you never want to see someone injured. However, you know the Chicago Bears are a little bit curious to see how things go without him.

The Chicago Bears signing Edmunds was controversial from the start when you consider the needs the team had elsewhere and the talent they had at linebacker. They had already signed TJ Edwards, and fans were excited about Jack Sanborn. Sanborn has seen his role reduced significantly as the SAM, but he has been great this year. Edmunds has not. He has had more issues in coverage than plays in coverage, and he appears to be a beat slow too often. The injury will open time for Sanborn to play MIKE and Noah Sewell, an exciting rookie, to play the SAM. What if the defense looks as good or better? It is not crazy when you consider Sanborn has played so well and Edmunds has not.