10 major questions emerging from the Chicago Bears loss to the Minnesota Vikings

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The Chicago Bears lost a division game to fall to 1-5 on the season. They hung with the Minnesota Vikings, but just like a loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Denver Broncos, they turned the ball over with a chance to win the game late. The difference in these two games is 4-2, and about right on expectations, if not better.

So, there are certainly big questions coming out after that performance. What do we need to know?

10. When will see Justin Fields for the Chicago Bears again?

Justin Fields left the game after taking a bad sack in the third quarter. Tyson Bagent led a touchdown drive but also had two turnovers, one leading to a back-breaking score and one ending the game. The Chicago Bears have won and lost based on how well Justin Fields can play, and now the team is staring down life without him. It is not like they won much with him, and now they lost their most explosive playmaker.

Matt Eberflus said that Fields will be week-to-week without a timetable right now. It will come down to his grip strength and when he can hold the ball well enough. So, until then, we will use Tyson Bagent. Still, sitting at 1-5, the Bears may not win much with Bagent.

At 1-7, or 1-8, does Fields come back? Does Bagent play well enough that he deserves a look? Do they cut bait with Fields now and move on? At the very least, the Chicago Bears will not rush him back in any way, and he is running out of incentives to return because he still may get a shot on a new team if this is how things end. When do we see Fields again?