10 major questions emerging from the Chicago Bears loss to the Minnesota Vikings

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, T.j. Edwards
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5. Is TJ Edwards coming around for the Chicago Bears?

Early on, it looked like TJ Edwards was not a good signing. The Packers isolated him on Aaron Jones, and he was exposed. He was not great against Travis Kelce, and he gave up a few catches with a lead against the Washington Commanders, but overall, Edwards has bounced back from his week one performance.

Sunday was his best game yet. He caused a fumble that was recovered by Tremaine Edmunds, and he almost recovered a fumble of his own that could have changed the game. We saw him attacking downhill finally, and he was making plays in the backfield after far too many of his plays were shown in the secondary and in the chasing role recently.

Edwards has started to turn things around. It may have taken some time, but it looks like he is comfortable in his role. Now, the hope is that Tremaine Edmunds can start to play better.