10 major questions emerging from Chicago Bears loss to New Orleans Saints

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Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints, Matt Eberflus, Dennis Allen
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5. Wil Matt Eberflus be held accountable for the Chicago Bears sloppy play?

The Chicago Bears lost a one-score game when they turned the football over five times, missed a field goal, and lost in penalties with eight penalties for 71 yards, while the Saints had just one penalty for five yards.

Last year, one of the big feathers in the cap for Matt Eberflus was that his team did not commit a ton of penalties, and they took care of the ball. Eberflus focuses on the little things, and so does his team. What happened to that? The sloppy play is too consistent for this team at this point, and Ebeeflys is letting it happen by not holding his players accountable. It started by sticking with Chase Claypool for far too long after he failed in these areas. Did Eberflus lose the pulse, and can he get this group back to the details?

Ryan Poles job may be scure, but he is still working to show that he should be the head coach next year.