3 strikes against Matt Eberflus sticking as Chicago Bears head coach

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Matt Eberflus has only been an NFL head coach for a season and a half. Considering the roster he inherited, it is easy to say that the Chicago Bears should give him more time to work things out. At the same time, there are so many signs that this is not going to work out, and this should be the last season that Eberflus is the Bears head coach.

3. Matt Eberflus put together a questionable coaching staff for the Chicago Bears

The recent news that the Chicago Bears had to fire running backs coach David Walker is concerning. Walker was relieved of his duties for inappropriate workplace behavior. Reports are that he was reported to Human Resources once before, and then a second incident led to his firing.

As an isolated event, this can look back on Eberflus since he is the head coach and the leader of these men. Still, when you add that Alan Williams decided to let go of a story that came out in a similar manner, you have to start to wonder what is going on at Halas Hall. Is there an issue with the culture going on right now? Walker had multiple incidents, and it sounds like the Williams issue was not just something that sprung up out of the blue, either.

This can be traced back to the idea that Eberflus and his staff would pass on players like George Pickens and punish players for loaves with fines, but then they traded for Chase Claypool, with similar character concerns, and let him play the week after he had a highlight tape full of loaves. Matt Eberflus is not running a tight ship, and people beneath him feel they can get away with things. This is shown across the building.