Matt Eberflus just tipped the Chicago Bears' hand on current QB situation

The Chicago Bears are in a unique situation with Justin Fields and having the No. 1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Matt Eberflus might've tipped the Bears' hand.

Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports
Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports / Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

It's no surprise to Bears fans that the Chicago Bears are in a unique situation surrounding their quarterback position.

Currently, the Bears have a quarterback — Justin Fields— who would start on 10+ teams in the NFL. On the other hand, however, they own the drafting rights to the quarterback who they think 31 other teams would want on their team. Having another draft pick in the top 10 — No. 9 — makes an already unique situation even more unique for the Bears.

Matt Eberflus gave a big hint as to who the next starting QB for the Chicago Bears will be

In an interview during the 2024 NFL Combine, head coach Matt Eberflus might've just tipped the hand of the Chicago Bears and what they plan on doing in the upcoming draft.

While dissecting this quote, there's one major takeaway: Justin Fields isn't going to be the quarterback of the Chicago Bears in 2024. That isn't written as a positive, rather, it's written as an apparent soon-to-be fact.

Justin Fields is beloved by a large portion of Chicago Bears fans, however, when looking at him under the microscope of how he did in the fourth quarter — specifically on end-of-game situations — the future for Fields in Chicago doesn't appear bright.

Fields can still be a successful quarterback at the NFL level, and the Chicago Bears didn't do him as much of a service as they might've liked. But, where things stand in this unique situation, the logic behind drafting a quarterback with the No. 1 pick is there.


The NFL is a cold-hearted business, but this could be a break-up where both parties end up in a good spot. The Bears get their quarterback in the future— Caleb Williams or Drake Maye— and the Falcons or Steelers get a quarterback they can build behind.

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