Mock Draft of top eight picks in 2024 NFL draft: Who would the Chicago Bears draft?

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6. New York Giants: Malik Nabers, WR, LSU 

The New York Giants were debating trading up, but it could not manifest itself. New England may have traded down if Drake Maye went second. The Cardinals wanted to trade down, but Marvin Harrison Jr. was too good to pass up. Then, the Chargers did trade down, but they got a bigger haul to move outside of the top ten, and they needed the package of picks. They are also looking at all of these quarterbacks in the top five, and the Chargers see that they have a good chance to get one of the highest-rated linemen on their board by moving back. So, New York has to sit here at six. 

Nabers’ closest comparison has always been Odell Beckham. They are both so electric with the ball in their hands, and Nabers may have a bit more strength, while Beckham did a little bit more in the air and with his routes. Still, the ceiling is just as high, and his untapped potential may be higher.

If the Giants cannot replace Daniel Jones, then they have to find someone to make life easier for Daniel Jones. The Giants need to draft Malik Nabers.