This mock draft trade the Chicago Bears make with the Vikings is beyond ridiculous

The Chicago Bears are offered a completely ridiculous trade from the Vikings to move up from 11 to 1st overall in this mock draft.

Chicago Bears, Vikings
Chicago Bears, Vikings / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

We are at the point in the NFL year when fans of teams that are no longer playing start looking into the offseason. Mock drafts become very popular but sometimes things can go off the rails. That seems to be the case when it comes to a recent Pro Football Network mock draft. I have to believe that this was published just to generate interaction — something they achieved seeing I'm writing about it. The mock draft has the Chicago Bears trading down with the Vikings and moving from first overall to 11.

A trade from 11 to one isn't really all that surprising. We just saw the Chicago Bears move from one down to 9 last season — not too far off. What makes this trade absolutely ridiculous is what Pro Football Network (PFN) has the Vikings offering the Bears. No, it isn't in the Bears' favor.

Chicago Bears and Vikings make a trade for first overall

Chicago Bears Receive:

11th Overall
42nd Overall (2nd)
126 Overall (4th)
2025 1st Round Pick
2025 2nd Round Pick

Minnesota Vikings Receive:
1st Overall
2025 6th Round Pick

What!? This is not even equivalent to last year when the Bears made the trade with the Panthers. To make this even close to being worth a trade, at a minimum, the Bears would need to receive a 2026 1st-round pick along with what else was being proposed. And to think Minnesota deserves a 6th-rounder in return? Get the BLEEP out of here!

To move up that much for one of the best set of quarterback prospects we have seen in recent years, teams need to pay a premium. Three first-round picks (including the 2024 swap) and two second-round picks are the minimum price. I'd expect some type of player in return as well. When the Panthers moved up from nine to one last year, they sent the following:

Chicago Bears Received:
9th Overall
61st Overall (2nd)
2024 1st Round Pick
2025 2nd Round Pick
DJ Moore

Apparently, the author at Pro Football Network believes that a 4th-round pick this year plus a 2nd-round pick a year earlier is equivalent to DJ Moore and two spots earlier in the draft. Oh, and again, don't forget that the Chicago Bears would need to give up a future 6th-round pick in the process.


Stop doing these mock drafts if you are not going to make the values correct. This puts the Bears outside of the top 10. Give up that 2026 1st-round pick in your mock trades or include a player of value.