NFL Executive blasts the Chicago Bears for Justin Fields' trade

The Chicago Bears were never planning on keeping Justin Fields and that shouldn't be ignored when talking about the trade.
Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
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The Chicago Bears decision to trade quarterback Justin Fields remains one of the most polarizing moves that was made by any NFL team this off-season.

What's become clear is that the Bears fell in love with Caleb Williams at the NFL Scouting Combine and every move since has confirmed that Williams is going to be the next face of the franchise at the quarterback position for the Bears.

With the additions of D'Andre Swift, Kennan Allen, and Gerald Everett; the Bears ensured that Williams will have a soft landing spot in the NFL as he makes the transition from a superstar collegiate career with the USC Trojans.

While the Bears won't officially select Williams until the 2024 NFL Draft later this month, the quarterback has already laid the foundation for relationships with key members of the team and front office.

Williams had dinner with current Bears' players this week as he completed his Pre-Draft visit with the Bears in Chicago and this is one of the reasons why the team had to trade Fields when they did. Had Fields still been on the Bears' roster, it would have been an unnecessary conflict created within the Bears' locker room.

That would be the reason why the criticism from an anonymous league executive in The Athletic (Subscription Required) does not make sense.

"“They almost got bullied or gave up,” an exec said. “Their asking price was probably too high initially, and then when they realized the seats got filled, they had to lower their ask. I don’t understand why you would make that trade because if somebody has an injury or doesn’t get the quarterback they thought they were going to get, the ask will be higher.”"

The Athletic

The reason why the Bears made the trade when they did is very simple: the team did not want Fields as their starting quarterback anymore and was moving in the direction of having Williams be the next representative of the team at the position.

The Bears made the trade because the priority is making sure that Williams is in a position to succeed the moment he walks through the doors of Halas Hall after being drafted. That would not have been possible if Fields was still on the roster.

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