4 OC candidates who shouldn't make Chicago Bears next round of interviews

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The Chicago Bears have reportedly interviewed nine offensive coordinators already. The team had said they wanted to work off of a short list, but this list is getting longer every day. Still, with so many openings across the league, this one may stay open for the next week or so. With that said, there are reports that the Bears will go through their initial list and then iron it down to a second group that will get to the next round of interviews. 

Of the eight coordinator options, these four should not make it to that point. 

4. The Chicago Bears should not hire Liam Coen as offensive coordinator

Of all of the candidates who could make the final cut, Liam Coen may be the most popular amongst fans, but he just does not have the qualifications that make him worthy. Unless he wows the group in their interviews, they have to have questions. 

First, he was just an assistant wide receivers coach for two seasons to start his career. In 2020, when he moved to assistant quarterback coach, the relationship between Jared Goff and Sean McVay hit its worst point. It caused Coen to leave for Kentucky. 

Coen came back after the Rams won the Super Bowl and was the offensive coordinator, but it only lasted one year because the offense was not nearly as good as it was with Kevin O’Connell. 

So, he went back to Kentucky last year. He has some of the McVay touch, but his two biggest roles were the two worst years that the Rams had. Beyond that, his best success comes from Kentucky. He is a qualified candidate but not quite good enough for the Bears.