3 takeaways from Chicago Bears' initial offensive coordinator candidates 

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The Chicago Bears have interviewed six offensive coordinator candidates so far. While they have not hired one, and they may not even hire any of those six candidates, there are some commonalities, and some thoughts about where the offense is going can be taken away from these decisions. What are the biggest initial takeaways?

3. The Chicago Bears want experience in their offensive coordinator

There are a couple of routes you can go with an offensive coordinator. With Luke Getsy, the Chicago Bears were his first time as an offensive coordinator and play caller. There are many quality coordinators who have to start somewhere calling plays. However, the Bears seem to have had that, and they do not want that.

Every candidate that they have interviewed this year has been an NFL coordinator before. Shane Waldron was just calling plays for the Seattle Seahawks a few weeks ago. Greg Roman has called plays in the NFL for over a decade. 

Klint Kubiak had a full season of calling plays with the Vikings, and he called plays to close out the Broncos season last year. Greg Olson called plays at multiple stops, and while Liam Coen did not call plays, he was the offensive coordinator under Sean McVay and had multiple years of experience calling plays in college. Thomas Brown has the least amount of experience, but he was the play-caller for Carolina in the back half of the season and was their offensive coordinator. 

The Chicago Bears know that they cannot risk this big of a decision on a first-time playcaller, and they are looking at people with a track record. Will they miss out on the next big thing this way?