4 OC candidates who shouldn't make Chicago Bears next round of interviews

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3. The Chicago Bears do not need Greg Roman 

Greg Roman may be the least inspired coordinator hire. It also may be the most telling about where the team is going with their quarterback. If the Chicago Bears hired Greg Roman, they would almost certainly be hiring him to build the offense around Justin Fields. 

On the positive side, he got great seasons out of Lamar Jackson, Colin Kaepernick, and Tyrod Taylor. On the negative side, everywhere he goes, his offense has instant success, and then it flames out. Also, the quarterback never improves as a passer, and the passing concepts remain outdated. 

This would fit for Justin Fields in the short term. However, after a year or two of running this scheme with Fields, and when the NFL catches back up and he is not a better passer, where do they go from there?

The floor is high because you know that Roman can get the most out of Fields, but the upside of this hire feels too low to go through with it.