Pros and Cons to Chicago Bears interviewing Greg Roman for offensive coordinator

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The Chicago Bears interviewed Greg Roman. He was not in the NFL last year but has a long track record of success in the NFL. What is the experience level of Greg Roman, and what are the pros and cons of the Chicago Bears interviewing him?

Chicago Bears interview Greg Roman 

Greg Roman got his start in the NFL back in 1995 when he was a quality control coach and then offensive line coach for the Carolina Panthers. He worked for Dom Capers and Vic Fangio and was then promoted under Bill Musgrave. 

In 2022, he followed Capers and Fangio to the Houston Texans, first as a tight ends coach and then later as a quarterbacks coach. After struggling with David Carr, he got a job with the Baltimore Ravens as an offensive line assistant under Brian Billick. 

Roman did not have success, and when the Ravens changed coaches, he went back to high school in Atlantic City, near his old hometown. Then, Jim Harbaugh found him and hired him to be an assistant head coach at Stanford. Vic Fangio joined the two in 2010, and all three made the jump to the San Francisco 49ers in 2011.

This is where Roman led Colin Kaepernick to the Super Bowl. After Harbaugh left, he moved on to the Buffalo Bills, being the coordinator for Rex Ryan. He spent two years there and worked with Tyrod Taylor before moving back to the Ravens, this time with John Harbaugh, to be a senior assistant and tight ends coach.

He moved up from there to offensive coordinator in 2019, when Lamar Jackson had his MVP season. After a good four-year run, the Ravens decided to take their offense in a different direction. So, Roman was out of football this year. 

Pros to Chicago Bears interviewing Greg Roman

If the Chicago Bears are going to keep Justin Fields, they could not find a better option at offensive coordinator. He has worked extensively with quarterbacks who are limited in their passing ability but have excellent mobility. 

Roman has been trusted by a variety of talented defensive coaches to run his side of the ball. He also has a history of being an assistant head coach. This is something Matt Eberflus needs because he is a good coordinator but still a questionable game-day coach.

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Cons to Chicago Bears interviewing Greg Roman

Every time Roman goes somewhere, his offense catches fire at first and then is immediately solved. He has an initial plan, but he struggles to branch off of it. With that in mind, he can make the most of Fields for what he is, but he will not get Justin Fields to improve in any way. It also gives away their plans at quarterback because it is hard to see the reason to bring him in and get rid of Justin Fields. Does this move limit the upside of the offense while giving it a higher floor?