Ranking 5 best offseason moves by Chicago Bears

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Darnell Wright, Chicago Bears

3. Chicago Bears went offensive line in the top 10

When the Chicago Bears traded down to nine, it became obvious that the team had to draft an offensive tackle. The debate should not have been what position, but rather would they take Paris Johnson, Broderick Jones, or Darnell Wright? Ryan Poles taking Darnell Wright was a no-brainer, as it had to be between him and Jones.

The Chicago Bears hope that they will not be picking this high again. They have the Panthers' draft pick but have no clue what that will amount to yet. From where they stand, there may never be a better chance for the team to find a quality tackle who can start for five seasons on a cheap contract than now.

Yes, the Chicago Bears found Braxton Jones last year, but that type of hit is so rare, and a lot of fans still need to see him this year before declaring anything. Most of the best tackles in the NFL get drafted high and then get paid huge money. The ones like Mike McGlinchey that getaway may be a bit overrated, but they still make huge money.

So, the Chicago Bears could have paid McGlinchey $18M even though that is probably too much. Or, they could have had Wright on a cheap deal for the next five years. it is a no-brainer. Tackles are too hard to find; when they hit, they are impossible to pry away. If you can, it will cost multiple first-round picks or an overpay. Passing up a potential starting tackle in the top ten is too much of a bad business decision to pass up, and it may be a chance that they will not see it again.