3 players Chicago Bears could buy at trade deadline, despite 2-5 record

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The Chicago Bears are sitting at 2-5 with one game to go before the trade deadline. If anything, they will be sellers this year. However, there is always the chance that the Bears end up buying, especially if the price is right. We saw that happen with the Chase Claypool trade, even if that did not work out. So, will the Bears do similar, and if so, who would they buy?

3. Could the Chicago Bears add one of the Washington Commanders rushers?

The Washington Commanders are sitting in an interesting spot. They are 3-4, so they are not dead, but they are not quite contending. That is despite all of the talent on their defensive line. The issue now is that the time to pay these defenders is coming. Da'Ron Payne and Jonathan Allen already signed big deals. It leaves Chase Young and Montez Sweat. Both of them will be free agents this offseason.

It is fair to think that Washington will keep one of these two defenders, but will they really be able to keep both? If either becomes available, the Chicago Bears have to be interested. The Bears still lack serious talent on their defensive line. They have draft assets, they have money; they do not have an edge rusher. A future pick, or any pick that is not their two first-round picks, has to be on the table to land a pass rusher like Young or Sweat. This is a team that needs the bird in hand and cannot worry about what a second-round pick might turn into.

Young came back from injury and is looking better than ever this year. Sweat is not an elite pass rusher but is a high-end power player who can rack up sacks. He had 29 in four years and has 5.5 already this season. These are exactly the type of rushers the Bears need. Let Washington decide which one they want to keep, then add the other rusher.