4 players the Chicago Bears should listen to trade calls for

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The Chicago Bears finally won a game, but sitting at 1-4, they are hardly back in the playoff hunt. In fact, they would have to finish 8-4 to finish above .500, which seems like a stretch at this point. So, it was a nice feeling, but the ultimate goal of the season will be another rebuild.

With that in mind, if the Bears get calls on the following players, they would have to consider trading them.

4. Should the Chicago Bears trade Jaylon Johnson?

Jaylon Johnson has missed the last two games with a hamstring injury. However, he was close to playing Thursday night, and he feels he is good to play this week. So, the Bears may get a chance to showcase him against some bigger-name wide receivers before shipping him out.

The Bears get the Minnesota Vikings, so he will take on Justin Jefferson and Jordan Addison. His presence in the secondary is needed, but if they drop to 1-5 and he plays well, it may be the time to sell high. Johnson is a free agent after this year, so the Bears may end up seeing him walk after this season for nothing. Teams would pay for a young cornerback, especially in a trade market where very few will be available. This will be the best time for the Chicago Bears to get the most back for Johnson.

The emergence of Terell Smith may make this easier. Smith has played well in his place, and he is a rookie with plenty of time to learn. If this season is about finding the building blocks, then the Bears would be better off starting Smith and getting what they can for Johnson.