4 players the Chicago Bears should listen to trade calls for

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Darnell Mooney
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3. Will Darnell Mooney get the Chicago Bears anything in return?

Darnell Mooney has had a majorly disappointing season. After averaging 3.8 catches and 45.7 yards per game during his career, he is currently at 1.6 catches and 20.8 yards for the season. That is a big drop. It felt like Thursday night was a get-right game for everyone except Mooney.

Mooney was targeted four times and hauled in zero passes. He just cannot get on the same page as Justin Fields after missing this offseason recovering from his season-ending surgery. So, Mooney is not healthy and not producing, which may mean it is a bad time to trade him.

However, he is a receiver with a known history and does not have the baggage that Chase Claypool does. If a team offers something for him, the Chicago Bears could listen. Mooney is another player who will be a free agent after this season, and at the rate things are going, he will not be back.

So, the Bears will have to ask if his ability through the rest of the year is worth getting nothing in return or if they should just trade him now and work Tyler Scott into his role earlier than expected. It would depend on the cost, and maybe a big game against the Vikings can help things, but the Bears have to be interested.