7 players likely their playing their last game with the Chicago Bears

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5. Will the Chicago Bears re-sign Justin Jones

By most indications, this will be the last game that Justin Jones starts for the Chicago Bears on defense. While they will be losing some pieces, a lot of them are depth or offensive starters. Jones is the biggest question mark of the starting 11 as of right now. 

He has been starting over both rookies Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens. However, in a perfect world, the Chicago Bears have seen enough of these two to take that step into being the starter. Dexter has been more productive and has played a lot more than Pickens. 

Can Dexter take on the number of snaps that Jones is playing, and then Pickens would take on the number of snaps that Dexter played as a rookie? In a perfect world, that is a fair jump for both linemen. Now, the question is whether that would actually happen or not.

If the Bears bring back Jones, it is an indictment that Dexter has not shown enough against the run, and Pickens has not shown enough, period. The Bears will say that it is because Jones earned it, and he has played well, but this should be a chance for him to look to start on another team rebuilding the defensive front.