2 positive, 2 negative developments for the Chicago Bears around the NFL Sunday

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Chicago Bears fans are rarely in the good spot of being able to sit around on Sunday, watch all of the other teams, and feel good about the team coming off of a win. Still, even when the Bears are off, there was plenty of moving and shaking and things to rile up the emotions when it comes to the NFL.

What are some developments that took place over the weekend that impacted the Chicago Bears?

Positive One: The Chicago Bears are still picking first overall

Sitting at 1-4, it is hard to see the Bears making a playoff run this year. They would need to go 8-4 just to finish above .500 at this point. Still, the team is in a nice spot where the fans can continue to root for the team even if they are out of the playoff mix.

Most teams will debate tanking for a pick or going all-in to win, but the Bears can do both, thanks to the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers look like the worst team in the NFL right now, and they are. They are the only winless team, and they have not shown much life in a lot of these games.

Bryce Young has not looked good; it is a new coaching staff, and they may continue to lose games. They were not competitive against the Lions from the first drive.

So, Chicago Bears fans are in a nice spot where they can root for their team each week and root against the Panthers. As long as Carolina does not win, the team is in a great spot. Still, even for the Bears, they were so far down in the standings that they still currently possess the number two overall pick.

It would take stringing a lot of wins together for this team to get out of the top ten. It is not bad to feel good about a win, then check the draft board and see you still pick first and second overall.