3 positive outcomes despite the Chicago Bears loss at Detroit Lions

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Montez Sweat
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2. The Chicago Bears two big additions have looked good

The Chicago Bears made two big swings in the past calendar year. After the Chase Claypool trade turned into a complete fiasco it was fair for Bears fans to be cautious about the potential of Ryan Poles tossing away draft capital for more players. His last two moves have been pretty solid so far, though. 

First, the DJ Moore trade was a no-brainer. As we noted, the fact that the Panthers pick is likely the first overall pick makes it an easy trade. Adding DJ Moore into the mix makes it so much better. 

Moore has been excellent. He had the best game of his career against Washington in week five, and it looked like he finally had a legitimate quarterback. Then, in week six Justin Fields got hurt. Moore produced what he could given the situation, but it was clear he missed Fields. Once Fields returned Moore came back and picked up 96 yards and a touchdown on seven catches. Fields was 7-9 for 96 yards throwing at Moore, and 9-14 for 73 yards elsewhere. 

Montez Sweat was the next big move. It was weird to see the Bears buy with their record, but with an extension in place, the deal had future implications. Sweat had seven pressures against Carolina and added a sack Sunday. 

Moore and Sweat are the two best players on the roster as it stands right now, and they both produced on Sunday. Building blocks are being established.