4 Positives that came out of the Chicago Bears loss to the Vikings

Can you believe that there are positives that came out of the Chicago Bears loss to the Vikings in Week 6?
Chicago Bears, T.J. Edwards
Chicago Bears, T.J. Edwards / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bears were not embarrassed on the scoreboard vs. the Vikings in Week 6, but the outcome was still painful. The Bears had 10 days to prepare for this game and they came out looking flatter than a pancake. The first drive by the Bears' offense really set the tone for the entire game.

On the first play, Justin Fields is sacked by a free defender coming off the edge. This is partly on Fields for not recognizing the defense and adjusting the protection, but why put the team in this position anyway? It makes no sense knowing the Vikings bring a blitzer more than any other team in the NFL. The Chicago Bears followed that up with a designed Justin Fields run for 13 yards. Then another for a first down. After that, they had a five-yard loss on a horribly executed pitch to Darrynton Evans followed by another sack for -6 yards. A WR screen was dropped on third-and-21. Punt.

Thankfully, the second drive of the game was much better as Luke Getsy was attacking the defense in a way that he should have started on the first drive. The Bears drove the ball 77 yards but settled for a field goal after reaching the red zone. A poorly blocked play on second down should have gone for a touchdown, but Fields had no time to throw. Instead, he threw it into the ground near an open Cole Kmet that should have been a touchdown.

Things got worse though. Eventually, Justin Fields exited the game with an apparent hand injury. Many speculated he broke it, but X-rays came back negative and reports are he dislocated his thumb. We can only speculate, but it appears that Fields is likely to miss some significant time. Tyson Bagent will now be thrown in with the wolves.

All that negative (and there's plenty of it) aside, let's try to find some positives from this game.