Pros and Cons of Chicago Interviewing Marcus Brady

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The Chicago Bears are interviewing Marcus Brady, the Philadelphia Eagles' senior offensive assistant, for their offensive coordinator job. What would the hiring mean, and what are the pros and cons of the Bears potentially hiring Marcus Brady?

The Chicago Bears are interviewing Marcus Brady

Marcus Brady started his career in coaching in the CFL. It was a smart launching point because he played in the CFL as a quarterback from 2002 through 2008. In 2009, he went from being a player on the Montreal Alouettes to being a coach. He was the wide receivers coach for three years before becoming the offensive coordinator. Bears fans will be quick to point out that he coached and played under Marc Trestman here. 

In 2013, he moved to the offensive coordinator role, and he held that down until 2017. In 2018, he finally made his move to the NFL. He originally joined to be a part of the offensive staff Josh McDaniels put together, but Frank Reich let him stay, and they ended up forming something together.

Brady was the assistant quarterback coach when the offense had Nick Sirianni as their coordinator. Sirianni left in 2021, and Brady took over as the offensive coordinator. In 2022, the Colts changed their staff, and Brady joined Sirianni with the Eagles. In 2023, he was the senior offensive assistant in Philadelphia. 

Pros of Chicago Bears hiring Marcus Brady

Brady has experience in a lot of different offenses. Coming from the CFL brings a different mindset altogether. With the Colts, he went from Andrew Luck to Jacoby Brissett, then Phillip Rivers, Carson Wentz, and Matt Ryan. From there, he has been with Jalen Hurts for over a year. Almost none of them require the same offensive style. Brady can adapt. He is a former quarterback, and he can work with quarterbacks. Better than that, he has experience play calling and has worked closely with Matt Eberflus, considering they both were on the Colts. 

Cons of Chicago Bears Hiring Marcus Brady

Chicago Bears fans are already getting flashbacks of the days of Marc Trestman with the shutter of anyone connected to Trestman. Beyond that, it is not like his best days were as an offensive coordinator. Sirianni took the Colts to the playoffs with Phillip Rivers. They collapsed the next year with Carson Wentz when Brady was calling plays and in 2022, he was fired as offensive coordinator for his failures with Matt Ryan.

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Yes, he spent the late part of 2022 helping the Eagles postseason run, but in 2023, the offense fell apart when his role became more defined. Brady is just a friend of Matt Eberflus's and would show that Flus may have too much power for the results he has produced.