10 major questions Chicago Bears must answer week 2 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bears have questions to answer at every position in week two

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DJ Moore, Chicago Bears
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3. Will the Chicago Bears scheme touches for DJ Moore?

One thing that the Chicago Bears can make sure will happen that did not happen in week one is to get D.J. Moore a target. It makes sense that Moore did not have the best game when you consider he was playing against Jaire Alexander. However, it is not smart for Luke Getsy and Justin Fields not to try him at least a couple of more times.

It was not until the second quarter when he got a target. Both times he was targeted, he caught passes, and he picked up first downs. The Chicago Bears need to go out of their way to get the ball in their hands. They need to scheme up specific plays for him. They need to get him a screen or a jet sweep just to put the ball in his hands. That should be one of the first plays of the game.

The Bucs do not have a cornerback like Alexander, and Moore has had success against the Buccaneers over the years. There are no excuses for him not being targeted in the first quarter or even the first drive of this game. Will it happen?