10 questions Chicago Bears must answer in week four vs Denver Broncos

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Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs, Matt Eberflus
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1. Will the Chicago Bears show up on Sunday?

This is the biggest question, without a doubt. The Chicago Bears are 0-3 but facing another 0-3 Broncos team. This game is winnable. They lost, but they did have the ball down by just three points against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They can stay in games against teams like that, and they should be able to stay in this game.

However, Russell Wilson is better than Justin Fields. The Broncos offensive line added the guys that the Chicago Bears wanted. The Broncos wide receivers are more trustworthy. Sean Payton should be better than Matt Eberflus. There is a real chance that a 0-3 team comes into the Chicago Bears house and outclasses them. Is that possible? Does the team quit on Matt Eberflus?

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He preaches running hard, hustling, and being tough on his players. If this does not lead to results, players will wonder what the point is. If they get down early in this game, do players look around? It is crazy to think this after three games, but this is where the Chicago Bears stand right now.