10 questions Chicago Bears must answer in week four vs Denver Broncos

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Chicago Bears v Kansas City Chiefs, Justin Fields
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9. Can Justin Fields play better against the worse defense he has seen?

No one is making any excuses for Justin Fields. He has not had the hardest slate of defenses in the world. However, the defenses he faced this season have been tougher than the Denver Broncos right now. The Green Bay Packers got key plays from Rashan Gary, and Jaire Alexander was all over D.J. Moore. The Bucs have a big defensive line and it is hard to run against Vita Vea.

The Kansas City Chiefs defense is underrated, with Chris Jones and Trent McDuffie as homegrown talents. The Denver Broncos have Patrick Surtain, but the rest of the unit is questionable. They have had many different coordinators, and the unit looks lost. Yes, some of it has to do with the Miami Dolphins, but the Broncos defense ranks worse than the Chicago Bears right now.

Some of the contributing factors to the Broncos bad metrics are Jimmy Garoppolo and Sam Howell. Howell worked them in the second half. Is Justin Fields really worse than Sam Howell? Or can he beat this awful defense? If Fields does not play well here, he may have no hope.