10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

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The Chicago Bears' loss to the Kansas City Chiefs brought more than just ten questions, but we can ask at least one question for each position group after that game. What are the biggest questions that will need to be answered in the following weeks?

10. Have Tremaine Edmunds or TJ Edwards made any impact for the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears biggest free agent signings were Tremaine Edmunds and TJ Edwards. Considering the team found Jack Sanborn as a UDFA and Noah Sewell as a fifth-round pick, the additions seemed excessive but needed. in the eyes of Matt Eberflus.

Eberflus is the linebackers coach turned head coach, and despite getting the most out of little in his investments, Eberflus decided to give the most to this room. So, this is the unit that needs to change the game and turn this defense around. Right now, Matt Eberflus is preaching the idea that it takes time, and the Chicago Bears need to work through this.

That sounds great, but the Bears do not have this time. Beyond that, with Tremaine Edmunds and TJ Edwards, you signed them because they were supposed to hit the ground running. They have both had their moments, but neither is a game-changer. The Bears spent on decent starters who need more playmakers around them to really have their impact shown. That is concerning.