10 questions emerging from the Chicago Bears week 3 loss to the Denver Broncos

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With an 0-4 start, the Chicago Bears are about as close to rock bottom as you can find a team. So, there are unlimited questions to ask about this team. We take a look at some of the biggest questions from each position after a loss to the Denver Broncos.

10. Can Justin Fields perform like this against better defenses?

It was needed and probably past due, but it was one of the best games that Justin Fields ever played on Sunday. Fields threw for 335 yards, with four touchdowns and just one interception. He had never topped 291 yards in a game, his career high in touchdowns before this week was three, and he went from a 120 passer rating as his career high to 132.7 on Sunday. The Chicago Bears still lost.

Beyond that, it was the Denver Broncos defense. Still, you have to think that if Fields consistently played like that, there would come a win or two. The question is whether he can actually string games together like this. You can argue it was garbage time, but Fields started to put things together in the second half of the Chiefs game as well.

It took Fields some time to get to his best play last year, and maybe now that he is warming up, and has a few good halves of play we can see better football. At least we can hope.