3 questions that got tougher despite the Chicago Bears win over the Detroit Lions 

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2. Will the Chicago Bears stick with Matt Eberflus as head coach 

Matt Eberflus may have a seat just as hot as Justin Fields, if not hotter. There were moments when it looked like the locker room and even the coaching staff was falling apart. The position group he coached coming up was the worst unit on the team and they could not win close games.

First, Eberflus has changed this defense over the last seven or eight games. It helped that he got pieces back, but the run defense is night and day from last year, and the secondary is coming together now that the pass rush has more juice. 

More than that, the last two games show the team is still fighting for him. They finally put together a winning drive and won a close game. Now, they have two straight wins over the division. 

Just like Justin Fields, three wins over the final four games would lock in his spot as the head coach next year. Can he do that?