3 questions that got tougher despite the Chicago Bears win over the Detroit Lions 

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1. What could have been with the 2023 Chicago Bears

As the Chicago Bears have played their best football over the last four weeks, it is hard not to wonder what could have been for this roster. Injuries to Braxton Jones, Teven Jenkins, and Nate Davis did not give the offensive line a chance to settle. The defense had new pieces and so many shuffling pieces early on in the season. 

Every team has to play through injuries, but since the defense has mainly gotten healthy, they have been one of the best in the NFL. Games like Denver and Detroit where the Bears had fourth quarter leads loom large. Even against the Bucs and Saints, they had chances to win the game late and could not capitalize. If they win two of those four games, we are talking about a 7-6 team that is right in the mix and playing their best football 

Winning out is supremely optimistic, but it is their only chance to extend this hot streak into the playoffs. The close losses, the injuries, the could have been and this team is so close to what many expected them to be before the season. This loss highlights that it easily could have happened. Will that factor into decisions with Justin Fields and Matt Eberflus, and how much?