3 quick changes Chicago Bears must make before week two

After an ugly loss it is time for the Chicago Bears to make some tweaks to their roster

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The Chicago Bears cannot go on and act like everything is fine. Yes, week one can provide strange outcomes and things that do not hold up this season. However, the Bears getting waxed by the rival Green Bay Packers once again, even without Aaron Rodgers, is not something that they can just accept.

No, this does not mean firing coaches or benching Justin Fields. Those are a bit too rash at this point, and they would not help the team right now. The team can make some quick changes, though.

3. The Chicago Bears must play Roschon Johnson earlier

The Chicago Bears ended the game with a bit of a rotation, and rookie Roschon Johnson led the team in snaps. However, early into the game, it was Khalil Herbert leading the way. The issue is that the Bears are a strong running team, and with Herbert, they could not get much going on the ground. The offensive line had a lot to do with it, but when Roschon Johnson came in, he was the better runner.

The issue with Herbert is that he likes to push runs to the outside and avoid contact. He is not a punisher who can pick up a couple of yards on inside runs to keep things moving forward. That running style can help with a bad offensive line, as falling forward can set up more manageable plays.

Beyond that, Johnson was the smoothest pass catcher and is the best pass blocker. If Herbert goes back to his complimentary role where he is the change of pace back behind a grinder, you could see more big plays. However, one 2nd and seven, if you want to set up third and short, he may not be the guy to put his head down and truck ahead. This is where the Chicago Bears need a power runner like Johnson to lead the way.