Ranking 5 best centers for Chicago Bears in 2023 NFL draft

Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports
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Chicago Bears, Joe Tippmann

2. Chicago Bears could draft Joe Tippmann from Wisconsin

When you match scheme and need, and then look at mock drafts and think of the best fit for the Chicago Bears in the 2023 NFL draft, it is easy to go back to Joe Tippmann. He is going to go in that 53-64 range where the Bears have three picks, and he probably is the best fit.

He is much bigger than both Stromberg, and Wypler, but also a perfect scheme fit. It is impressive that he can move as well as those guys like while being about three inches taller and about ten pounds heavier. Tippmann has better length and better punch than Wypler and is too big to get plowed over in the way Wypler does. However, he is built better than Stromberg and has fewer technical flaws.

He can play too upright at times, and the size can actually play against him. Still, of the centers listed, it is the easiest to tie Joe Tippmann to the Chicago Bears.