Ranking Chicago Bears in 2023 NFC North Cornerback Rooms

Where do the Chicago Bears rank compared to the rest of the NFC North

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We have been comparing the Chicago Bears roster to the rest of the NFC North. By doing that, we rank the positions from top to bottom. We are onto the secondary and seeing where the Bears land. We are projecting the top five for cornerbacks, both inside and outside.

4. Minnesota Vikings: Akayleb Evans, Byron Murphy, Mehki Blackmon, Andrew Booth, Jay Ward

The Minnesota Vikings have a lot of questions. Evans won a job last year and got serious experience. Still, injuries had him hurt down the stretch, and he finished with just 162 snaps. Blackmon and Ward are rookies, and both were taken outside the top 100. Booth only played 100 snaps last year and has had many health questions. Byron Murphy is the most trusted player in the group, but he is changing teams, and his market was surprisingly not as high as expected. This group is a weakness.

3. Chicago Bears: Jaylon Johnson, Kyler Gordon, Tyrique Stevenson, Terell Smith, Josh Blackwell

Some fans will want the Chicago Bears unit to be higher, but they have to prove more. Jaylon Johnson is solid as a lower-end number one or a high-end number two. Still, they have questions beyond him. Gordon was bad last year, and while we think he can be better, we have to see it. Stevenson is just a rookie, as is Smith, who may not even beat out Kindle Vildor for a job. Blackwell is a special teamer and the backup in the slot.

2. Detroit Lions: Emmanuel Mosley, Cam Sutton, CJ Gardner Johnson, Jerry Jacobs, Will Harris

The Detroit Lions group has to prove it together, but they collected some talented names. Sutton was the top cornerback for the Steelers last year, and Mosley had his moments for the 49ers as a reliable number two. The Eagles made a huge impact trade when they added Gardner-Johnson who is a great slot addition.

Jerry Jacobs once was the best corner on this roster, now he is just depth, and Will Harris can move in and out of the slot as well. It is a solid group on paper.

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1. Green Bay Packers: Jaire Alexander, Eric Stokes, Rasul Douglas, Keisean Nixon, Carrinton Valentine

Jaire Alexander is the best cornerback we listed today, and even Chicago Bears fans will have a hard time disputing that. Stokes is coming back from an injury, but Douglas has proven himself in and out of the slot. If Stokes is not back, Nixon has made strides in the slot, although he still brings some questions. Valentine is a day three rookie, but the top four have all proven enough that this is hard to dispute.