Ranking 4 Chicago Bears offensive coordinators who have interviewed for the job

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2. Klint Kubiak 

Klint Kubiak is the current passing game coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers.  He is not as tied into the Sean McVay side of the ball this time as much as he has worked with Kyle Shanahan a lot. 

Kyle is the son of Mike Shanahan, and Mike coached Gary Kubiak, the father of Klint. When Gary was the head coach of the Houston Texans he hired Kyle, giving him a first big shot as an offensive coordinator. Kyle took that and ran. Klint was on that staff and is working with Kyle now on the 49ers’ prolific passing game. 

Kubiak has a lot of upside to his name. He worked with coordinators who have put together some of the best offenses in the NFL. Kubiak also spent time with Kevin Stefanski, the Browns head coach. 

However, like the others, a lot of his success is tied to who he knows and works with and less about his success. He struggled to get the most out of Kirk Cousins when Stefanski left for the Browns, and the Vikings quickly moved on. 

He hitched his wagon to Nathaniel Hackett, and while he was able to get the most out of Russell Wilson when Hackett got fired, it was a small stint as a playcaller in a messy situation. 

Does Kubiak have that same offensive touch as his father or the people around him? He has a good resume and has shown more success recently than Coen or Olson, but there are questions.