Ranking 10 best free agent fits for Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears, Maxx Williams
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6. Does Maxx Williams make sense with the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears are going to need a tight end, but a cost-effective one. The team has Cole Kmet, and they would like to bring Trevon Wesco back. With that in mind, they just need to replace Ryan Griffin as the second or third tight end. A great fit would be Maxx Williams.

Maxx Williams is a former second-round pick now entering his ninth NFL season. That is because teams trust him to block. Williams blocks in-line and it allows pass-catching tight ends to be more active in that area.

This is exactly what the Chicago Bears need. Wesco is a good blocker, but more of a move player, or a bigger fullback. Maxx Williams is a legitimate blocking tight end, and between the two the team could get Cole Kmet going in the passing game more.

By getting Kmet more involved as a receiver the team would not be as desperate for a wideout. Bet you did not think that signing Maxx Williams would reduce the Bears' receivers' needs today, but there you go.

The last reason this makes sense is that the Chicago Bears' current tight ends coach came from Arizona, and spent multiple seasons with Maxx Williams. The fit makes sense, the need makes sense, and the connections are there. Maxx Williams could be on the Chicago Bears.