Ranking 5 games on the Chicago Bears schedule that are most winnable

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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The Chicago Bears won their first game of the season in week five, so we are not necessarily talking playoffs. However, the team is getting healthier on the line and secondary, and their schedule does lighten up a bit in the coming weeks. So, there is hope for the Bears to at least make the end of the season more fun than the start.

If the Bears want to finish above .500 this season they need to finish 8-4. These are five games they will have to win if they want that to be a possibility.

5. Can the Chicago Bears beat the Minnesota Vikings this week?

If the Chicago Bears want to turn their season around, it will start this week against the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings limp into this game with the same record as the Chicago Bears. More than that, they come into it trending down when it comes to injuries, while the Bears are starting to get healthy.

The Vikings may be without Justin Jefferson this week. They also lost Akayleb Evans in the game against the Chiefs. The Bears secondary is starting to get healthier, as Jaylon Johnson said he will play this week, and Kyler Gordon will return to practice.

That, combined with losing Jefferson, could completely change the outcome. Jordan Addison is great when the attention is on Jefferson, and he can take advantage, but it is different when things zero in on you.

The Bears are at home, and Kirk Cousins is just 2-2 in Chicago. The Vikings' defense is beatable, and Justin Fields is playing his best. If they do not win this game, they will be locked into the basement this year.