Ranking 5 games on the Chicago Bears schedule that are most winnable

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears
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Chicago Bears, Bryce Young
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1. The Chicago Bears have to beat the Carolina Panthers

Week 10, the Carolina Panthers come to town. This will be the game that the Chicago Bears will win, no matter what. While most fans are worried about their team winning late games when the team is out of contention because of the lower draft status, the Bears are in a great spot because they own the Carolina Panthers. So, for them, a win is actually helping their draft status this week.

It is only a one-game lead five weeks into the season, but as we stand right now, it looks like the Carolina Panthers are a worse football team than the Chicago Bears. D.J. Moore is the reason the Bears have better pass catchers, and Fields is taller and more athletically impressive than Bryce Young.

The Panthers' defense may be better, but they have a lot of injuries right now. Maybe by week 10, the Panthers will get things together. However, the odds are more likely that they will still be picking in the top five by the time this game rolls around, and they may only have one or two wins if they have a win at all.

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The Bears can lose to any team, so they could be the first win for the Panthers. Still, the Bears are at home, and they are the better team. They should win this game and push the Panthers down the draft boards.