Ranking 10 prospects Chicago Bears must target on Day 2

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Chicago Bears, Gervon Dexter

6. Gervon Dexter, DL, Florida

The Chicago Bears had Jalen Carter right in their hands. They could have easily made that move, but they traded down and decided to drop to ten and take Darnell Wright. Still, we know the team need a three-technique. Does that put them in the mix for Gervon Dexter?

We wrote about how Dexter compares to Chris Jones all the way down to the coaching staff in college. The Kansas City Chiefs saw Jones fall into round two and took advantage. Ryan Poles just so happened to see how that went. Did he think that while he could get Carter, he has a sleeper option in Gervon Dexter in the hopper at a later pick?

The familiarity with his coaching staff in college has to help. Beyond that, the fit is undeniable. His up-and-down tape in college may have him in the range where the Chicago Bears can take him. This is a guy fans need to have eyes on.