4 reasons to buy the Chicago Bears turning it around this season

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The Chicago Bears won their first game of the season. It took them to 1-4, so they are not back in the thick of things by any stretch, but the season is still young, and there is still time for the team to turn things around. There are reasons to be wary, but if they did turn it around, the following reasons would be why.

4. The Chicago Bears offensive line is getting healthier

One key takeaway from the Chicago Bears win over the Washington Commanders was how much they were able to win up front on the offensive line. That was the first time you could say that all season and it happened against a Commanders front that is loaded with talent. Some of that has to do with the talent up front.

First, Nate Davis is healthy; he has a few weeks of practice under him, and he looks like the player that the Chicago Bears signed this offseason. He had no time to gel with rookie Darnell Wright, and after two games together, they are looking like they are coming together. More than that, Teven Jenkins made his debut and played 37 snaps. He had a great night in pass protection and boosted the run game.

It was caused by an injury to Lucas Patrick, but the injury may be for the best. It slid Cody Whitehair into center and got Jenkins on the field. Jenkins, Whitehair, Davis, and Wright were all in their projected spots, and all had some of their best moments this week. It makes sense because this is the closest the line has been to the plan this summer, and it is the closest it will be. Unless any other injuries occur, the line will get better. It should improve their record.