3 reasons Chicago Bears will beat Minnesota Vikings, 3 reasons they will lose

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Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
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Chicago Bears will lose reason 3: Head Coach Matt Eberflus cannot beat division rivals

This one is pretty obvious and it is fair why fans would be nervous about this matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. Matt Eberflus is not a good head coach and has not shown any reason to think he would be in the nearly two seasons he has been a coach. 

The Bears are 0-9 in the division. He cannot beat any of the teams he knows best. They are 0-16 against teams with a winning record. The Vikings have a winning record and are in the division, so Eberflus is in trouble. Matt Eberflus is 2-11 when games are decided by one score. To be fair, he is 4-12 otherwise, so it is not like he wins the non-close games either, but there is nothing you can point to that says he has the coaching advantage. 

Eberflus will be calling the defense and Vikings head coach Kevin O’Connell will call the offense for his team. This matchup between head coaches will be put on full display all game, and Bears fans know that even if their roster looks better on paper, Minnesota will stay in it.