3 reasons Chicago Bears will beat Minnesota Vikings, 3 reasons they will lose

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Chicago Bears, Andrew Billings
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Chicago Bears will win reason 2: Bears can make Minnesota Vikings one-dimensional

You can say what you want about the Chicago Bears defense. One thing that they can do is shut down the run. The addition of Andrew Billings and TJ Edwards has changed things in the run game. When you add that Montez Sweat is now setting the edge, the unit is better than ever.

They currently rank third in success rate allowed, and fourth in EPA per play allowed. This is a good unit. When you look at the Vikings, they are not great at running the football. The rank 15th in success rate, but they rank 28th in EPA, showing that they do not get much boom from their run game. 

When you look at their interior offensive line it is clear that the Bears have the advantage. The Vikings can try to run the ball, but it may not lead to much success.

Plus, the Vikings could see some mismatches in the passing game. However, the Bears' second is now healthier than ever. Also, if the Bears can make the Vikings one-dimensional and stuff the run with their front, they can drop their linebackers into coverage and add more bodies. 

When you add in that the Bears should be able to run the ball on the Vikings front the Bears do have a chance to control the pace.