3 reasons Chicago Bears have to move on from Justin Fields

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2. The Chicago Bears saw firsthand that Justin Fields cannot compete with Jordan Love

It is hard to say that one game can change everything in an evaluation, but it is also hard to watch the Green Bay Packers move up and down the field without thinking that Justin Fields simply cannot do a lot of what Jordan Love is doing

You can say what you want about the play calling, but Jordan Love was making big-time passes, regardless of play caller. Fields has had similar performances, but they are rare and far between, they are against the worse defense, and they are never as complete top to bottom. 

In his first year starting against a talented defense, we saw Jordan Love put together a performance that Justin Fields can only hope to put together. The Chicago Bears can either enter the next five years or so knowing that the Packers have a better passer than them, or they can take the escape route and find someone who can go blow for blow with Jordan Love and perhaps outduel him soon.

If Justin Fields showed that he can at least look close to Jordan Love, it may be a debate. Seeing those two side-by-side was too eye-opening to avoid.