3 reasons Chicago Bears keeping Matt Eberflus will prove to be the wrong decision

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1. The Chicago Bears may not get the best offensive coordinator 

The Chicago Bears have a golden ticket in a draft with three quarterbacks that are worthy of a top-five pick. Whether it be Justin Fields, Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, or Jayden Daniels, whoever steps into the play-calling role will be getting plenty of great options. 

At the same time, they went from the job opening of a lifetime and the ability to pick your flavor in a way that would draw in all candidates to the job, at least coming with some drawbacks. 

Matt Eberflus and his coaching staff will be with you. You are attached to Eberflus, who has a 10-24 record in his first two years. If Eberflus gets fired after a year or two, you are tied to him just as much as the quarterback, and you may not have job security. Who wants to sign up for that?

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More than that, the Bears have to know what they are doing at quarterback before they make this move. Maye, Williams, Daniels, and Fields would all require a different coordinator. Can they really find the right guy with four different styles of coordinator to talk to and a pool of candidates that may be limited? It just feels like the Chicago Bears are doing Chicago Bears things again, and that does not feel good.