3 reasons Chicago Bears return for Justin Fields may be disappointing 

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The most fascinating discussion around the Chicago Bears this offseason is about Justin Fields and what the team will do with him. Will they keep him, will they trade him, and if they trade him, who does he go to, and for how much? The questions go on and on. While most of the talk around the NFL landscape is that the Bears can pick up a second-round pick for Justin Fields, there are reasons to think that the return for Fields will not be as much as anticipated. 

3. The team trading for Justin Fields has to have a specific offense 

When you make a list of teams that are going to trade for Justin Fields, you first need to get all of the teams that need a quarterback. After that gets dwindled down to just a few, then you have to look at the offensive coordinator. Are they going to be open to changing the way that they call plays for Fields while taking him on blind? That is a lot to ask.

Justin Fields is not your typical quarterback. Yes, you can win with him in ways that other starters cannot. Still, it takes a full-on investment. If the Pittsburgh Steelers want Fields to compete with Kenny Pickett or the Tennessee Titans want Fields to compete with Will Levis, they almost have to run two different offenses. Fields does not run the same plays as these two, and he is judged differently. So, these teams that want competition will default to Ryan Tannehill, Jacoby Brissett, or Garnder Minshew, not for the upside but for the floor and ability to change quarterbacks while keeping the offense consistent.

For Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears, it is not just about who needs a quarterback. Who needs a quarterback and is willing to fully invest in changing their scheme around someone who failed elsewhere is a tougher question to answer.