3 reasons Chicago Bears return for Justin Fields may be disappointing 

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2. The league is not as high on Justin Fields as Chicago Bears fans 

Chicago Bears fans do not like Luke Getsy. They believe he is a prime reason for Fields' lack of ascension, and they are not wrong. He took a while to adapt to Fields strengths. However, recent reports from the NFL show that Getsy is still viewed highly by the NFL. What does that say about Justin Fields?

Luke Getsy got a host of coordinator interviews. Just last year, he was coaching the Senior Bowl because he was a hot head coaching candidate on the rise. This is not what it sounds like when a disgraced coordinator fails his quarterback. 

When Getsy caught on with the Las Vegas Raiders, a lot of the talk was that he could finally run his offense, and he was not the problem with the offense in Chicago. 

Fans of the team may not think this, but the fans do not pull the trigger on trades. If the people making the big decisions in the front office still want to hear from Getsy and still view him as a future head coach, then the perception in those circles is a lot lower on Justin Fields. 

Again, it will take a specific team, and when that team realizes they are not in a bidding war, they are not going to jack the price up to get the deal done.