3 reasons Chicago Bears should move on from Matt Eberflus

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The Chicago Bears have big decisions to make this offseason. While the quarterback appears to be completely up in the air, there is a stronger sense around the Chicago Bears that Matt Eberflus will be returning as the head coach. While there are plenty of reasons to understand the decision, there are just as many reasons to question it. Why should the Bears move on?

3. The Chicago Bears need to have their coach and quarterback on the same timeline

If the Chicago Bears are going to move on from Justin Fields, they may as well do the same with Matt Eberflus. If anything, to finally have their coach and quarterback on the same plan. When Matt Nagy was hired, he did not draft Mitch Trubisky. When Matt Eberflus was hired, he did not draft Justin Fields. 

Can we just have a head coach who has a chance to pick his quarterback with the slate clean? Even if Eberflus got to draft a quarterback this year, the vibes would be similar to Nagy with Fields. Eberflus will need to win for his job, but the rookie may not be ready to step in and turn things around on the fly. 

So, Eberflus is less patient when it is needed. Then, a new coach gets hired to coach a quarterback he did not draft. Instead, with the number one overall pick, the Bears can reach wide find the best candidate, and build the offensive system around this pick. 

Both will come in with no baggage on the same timeline. Just like Justin Fields, if the Bears did not have the Panthers pick, his job status would be much safer. However, they do, and like Justin Fields, that should change the outlook on Matt Eberflus and his situation.